Ottante Cosmetics

The idea of this project came into being in 2009  when me, being Latin American dancer and now owner of Ottante company, based on my personal experience in the competitive area, unable to take advantage of special features of specific products decided to take an opportunity.
Clothes that became soiled, Tan that between one round and the other became blurred with the sweat, the track colors ranging from Yellow to Orange until the horrible Green.
And so I wondered, can anyone ever put in order or in the idea of devising a product specifically designed to meet the needs of dancers, what we have always searched and never found???
So I decided to start looking for someone who could create some testers of product that I dreamed about or that I had conceived to satisfy our needs, everything seemed to come almost as a joke!!
I wanted to try but it was not easy for sure.
We found a chemist, Mr. Renato, who helped us and after several months of testing, he create our first coloured cream now known as Starbody.
Its discovery has been our luck, we should always thank him.
The coloured cream had an intense chocolate brown, resists at every turn, smells of a great scent and most importantly did not contain dangerous ingredients to the skin, essential resource for frequent use!
Launched by the satisfaction of having created something really "cool" as they say in youth language, I decided to also create a enlightening spray Starlight, a self-tanning cream and detergent Starcleaner Startann.
Thus, that step by step the idea started as a joke began to materialize in a challenge to grow more and more and to make it a great activity.
"What every day gives me satisfaction and makes me proud of this project is the fact that receive the most positive feedback from dancers from all over the world who write me comments and compliments on the results obtained from the use of our products.
Build something from 0 is a great personal satisfaction but it becomes even more when you know to do it for others.
And remember: dance always with the heart, with the body and with your beauty on the dancefloor!I try to always do my best for the last!"

A special thanks to Mr.Renato, person of exceptional professionalism, as well as high availability, today become a friend as well as our supplier!


Keep tanned!


Maria Serena